TorOption: All You Need to Know About Trading in Binary Options

Binary options trading

Binary options provide a simple way through which investors and traders can make good money over a short period of time. All a trader needs to do is give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ proposition on if they agree the price

How To Trade USD/JPY Binary Options

USD/JPY binary options

USD/JPY is a second most popular currency pair for binary options. As per the statistics, this currency pair generates about 18% of the total trading volume every day on the Forex market, which automatically explains the popularity of the pair

How to trade GBP/USD binary options


The GBP/USD is a major currency pair that involves two of the top economies of the world. This asset pair is well known for its volatile nature. Ever since binary options became a popular trading mode, this currency pair also

How to Trade Copper Binary Options

Copper binary options

Since the ancient times, the barter system that formed the fundamental stone of modern trading market, copper has been appreciated and valued. This “red metal” has been most widely used in various industries for machinery, automobiles, electronics, cookware and almost

How To Trade Apple Binary Options

Apple binary options

When you think of high end consumer technology, there is no name before the legendary Apple Inc. Although some may consider this brand just hyped, the company has a long track record of keeping its investors happy. Since its formation

How to trade coffee binary options

coffee binary options

You probably already know that coffee is one of the world’s most popular hot beverages. But did you know that many brokers offer binary options in coffee, and that trading coffee could provide you with a significant return on your

How to trade gold binary options

Gold binary options

Since time immemorial, gold has been an epitome of value and the symbol of wealth, strength and power. Gold was the ideal choice for money until modern forms of currency were devised. Now also, gold is the most reliable form

How To Trade Google Binary Options

google stocks

In today’s global trade market, Google Inc. (GOOG) is a strongly significant name when it comes to technology. In the past years since Google exploded as the largest and most widely used search engine, they have never stopped growing. Today,

How to trade EUR/USD binary options


Did you know that the Euro and US Dollar are among the world’s most stable currencies, making them an attractive option for foreign exchange currency pairs? However, there are a number of factors that can determine these currency pairs, so

A Great Bollinger Bands Gifographic

If you trade Forex or are starting to think about becoming a trader, there’s a good chance that you have already heard of Bollinger Bands. Just in case you didn’t, Bollinger Band is a technical analysis tool invented by John